Financial Plan & Funding Need

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Financial Plan & Funding Need

What's this for?

A financial plan is an estimated forecast of the spending and finance your business will require and the income and assets it expects to have.

Early-stage financial plans are very hypothetical, but are a starting point to get you thinking about the different costs and needs of your business, and to start formulating and testing some financial assumptions.

Recommended easy reading for context: Chapter 12 of The Smart Entrepreneur, pages 225-236


• To build a financial plan.

• To determine your venture’s capital requirements (need for funding) and revenues.

• To be able to explain the assumptions behind your financial forecasts.

Suggested steps

1. Click the link to access the Learning Manual: IE&D Financial Planning, and the spreadsheet IE&D Financial Plan Template.

2. Refer back to the insights from previous activities: Entrepreneurial Market Research, Market Testing, Financial Viability Analysis, Technology/Sales/Operational Roadmap.

3. Fill in the Financial Plan Template starting with the assumption sheet, the cash flow sheet and the investment sheet.

4. Consider the margin of error your venture can sustain if things don't go to plan.

5. Analyse your results:

  • Define your critical success factors
  • Determine your profit break-even point
  • Define your venture’s capital funding requirements
  • Modify your assumptions if necessary

6. If your business does not look financially sustainable, adapt your Roadmap and even your Business Model and pricing if necessary.

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