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Prototyping is an important activity, in any new business, to get early evidence of the feasibility of a product or business and information for changing or improving it.

Prototyping can be technical or design related to prove something can be done, or it can be used to communicate and get feedback on an idea, or a combination of both.

In either case, prototyping is a tool for the testing and refining of a product or business idea, and also makes the idea more tangible. It is especially useful to have a prototype when pitching to investors.

Recommended easy reading for context: Chapter 8 of The Smart Entrepreneur.


To test and refine your business proposition by planning and/or running a prototyping exercise.

To develop new iterations of a product idea.

Suggested steps


1. Click the link to access the Learning Manual: IE&D Prototyping, and the accompanying ‘Protyping video’ file.


2. Discuss and devise an appropriate prototyping plan – indicating what you want to test or demonstrate and for what purpose.


3. Depending on your resources and your current stage of product/service development, develop a ‘lo-fi’ or ‘hi-fi’ prototype that you can use for your internal product development and/or  a market testing exercise.


4. Record the outcomes of any prototyping exercise, and consider any implications for your future product development.

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