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A roadmap is a description and timeline of the inter-related activities needed to build and launch a business according to its chosen route to market. It helps to understand what needs to be achieved, when, and the resources that will be needed to do so.

A roadmap is a living document that develops and changes over time, but a rough roadmap should be developed at an early stage.

Recommended easy reading for context: Chapter 12 of The Smart Entrepreneur.


• To list the technological, operational and sales processes needed to develop and launch the business, and a timeline for these actions.

• To estimate the costs of these activities over time.

• To start on a milestone plan that can be used in negotiating with investors or lenders, matching concrete progress with funding needs.

Suggested steps

1. Click the link to access the Learning Manual: IE&D Roadmap.

2. Draft a technological, sales and operational roadmap, as applicable.

3. Draft a realistic milestone plan showing when you expect to reach certain technological, operational and sales objectives, and at what stages you will need further cash injections.

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