Sources of Capital & Valuation

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Sources of Capital & Valuation

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Most businesses need to spend money and effort before they can earn money, so you will need to determine what the best source of capital will be for your venture, early on and at different stages in its development.

Corporate innovation projects and independent start-up ventures are valued using a different method than for start-ups.

Recommended easy reading for context: Chapter 11 of The Smart Entrepreneur.


• To devise a staged funding plan for your venture.

• To provide a basis for negotiating financing with external investors (or with an investment board in the case of corporate innovation).

• To form some hypotheses for valuing your venture in the future, and potential exit strategies.

Suggested steps

Click the links to access the Learning Manuals: IE&D Sources of Capital, IE&D Startup Valuation or IE&D Corporate Project Valuation, as applicable.

In line with your financial plan and roadmap, determine how much funding the venture will need to reach its various milestones, what the most appropriate sources of funding for each stage are, and possible valuations and exit plans.

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