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PUSH: Technology/Application Matrix

What's this for?

This tool is applicable for:

  • ‘Technology push’ or ‘Knowledge push’ cases, where you have an early platform technology or a knowledge base that you want to commercialise, but need to identify and evaluate the most promising application in the market.
  • Also useful if you already have a fairly developed technical product, but you haven't proven which group of users or market sector would readily adopt it. You may also be looking to create a new market space for an established technology.


If instead you are:

  • starting from a specific problem you want to solve with a new product, and need to compare different ideas for solving it

then this exercise is not applicable and you should go to the Idea Generation & Evaluation exercise to evaluate your options instead.

READ: Chapters 1 and 3 of The Smart Entrepreneur.



• To identify and compare alternative applications for a new platform technology (e.g. a new molecule, a new material, a new algorithm), where you have not yet chosen clear applications/products/services to develop.


• To identify applications and industry areas which have not been considered before.

Suggested steps

1. Click the link to access the Learning Manual: IE&D Technology Application Matrix, and follow the exercise described there.

2. Record your findings so that you can explain the application you've chosen to develop and why.

NOTE: you might consult this matrix again if your Entrepreneurial Market Research reveals that the appliction you've chosen doesn't have as much market traction as you hoped.

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