Workshop 1

Feedback Form

Workshop 1

What's this for?

The first Workshop is about introducing your idea and your team's initial assessment of its strengths and challenges, as well as introducing your team and its skills.


• To meet your coaches, your peer teams and learn about their respective projects

• To introduce your idea and your team

• To get feedback on your work so far. This will most like be in relation to:

  • Founding team, Idea Generation/Evaluation, Trends, T/A Matrix

But may also include other exercises or considerations that are appropriate to your idea

• To contribute feedback to other teams in your workshop group

• To get some introductory information and advice on next steps to take

Note: Feedback will be provided by the coaches but also by your peers

Suggested steps

1. Each team will give their initial ‘Idea Pitch’ for their project, based on the relevant work done so far. (up to 20 minutes). Please don't overrun or the coaches may have to interrupt you.

2. After each presentation, the coaches and members of the other teams in workshop will ask questions and offer comments regarding the business (up to 25 minutes)

3. The coaches will offer each team tailored feedback and advice on next steps to take.

4. As the feedback session will not be recorded, teams should keep their own notes on the feedback and advice received.

You can download and use the Workshop 1 Presentation Template as a guide to get started, but you do not have to follow it rigidly. Different projects have different priorities.

You are strongly encouraged to use your own graphics and design for the presentation, to reflect your venture’s identity and goals, rather than the Imperial College Powerpoint layout. You can also use a presentation tool other than Powerpoint if you prefer. Bringing real objects to the session, such as prototypes if you have them or similar products, is also a good idea to help people understand what your business is about.