Workshop 2

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Workshop 2

What's this for?

The purpose of Workshop 2 is to present the business case as it has begun to take shape, based on the exercises have done since the last Workshop.

However, it helps if you think of this presentation as a further evolution of the first presentation, not as a different presentation. You are  adding more depth to your business case.

This helps you to practice for and lead up to your final, global presenation at the end of your project, in Workshop 4.


• To present a business Value Proposition - not just what your product is, but the overall business model to deliver it.

• To include any updates and changes you have made to material you presented previously, based on any new insights

• To obtain feedback and suggestions on your work so far, from the coaches and your other peers at the workshop

• To receive advice on next steps to take

Suggested steps

1. Each of the 5 teams presents the Value Proposition for its project.

Note that this presentation should link back to Workshop 1, not be separate from it. The presentatin is a further extension of your earlier Idea Pitch, with any needed adjustments to previous content, plus additional content focussing on: Value Chain/Network Analysis, Freedom to Operate and Appropriability Regime, Results of Entrepreneurial Marketing Activities, Competitive Analysis and Business model (up to 20 minutes)

2. After each presentation, the two coaches and your peers ask questions and offer comments (up to 25 minutes)

3. The coaches give each team tailored instructions and explanations on next steps to take in Stage 3

You can download and use the Workshop 2 Presentation Template as a guide to get started, although you do not have to follow it rigidly.

You are strongly encouraged to use your own graphics and design for the presentation, to reflect your venture’s identity and goals, rather than the Imperial College graphic layout. Props and prototypes are also useful to demonstrate your business idea.