Workshop 3

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Workshop 3

What's this for?

The purpose of Workshop 3 is to add more evidence to the value proposition you presented in the last workshop, and also to re-adjust your value proposition if necessary.

If your market testing has thrown up evidence against your earlier business assumptions, then in this workshop you will present new conclusions or new solutions to the problems you have discovered.

It helps if you conceive and structure this presentation as a further evolution of the earlier presentation, not as a different presentation.

However, we realise that you may need to devote a fair amount of time to presenting your test results, so just make sure that you link this material to your earlier value proposition.

Blending the 2 stages together in this presentation will help you to practice for the final, global presenation you will give at the end of your project, in Workshop 4, when you will present to a new assessor who is unfamiliar with your business idea. You need to practice telling the this business story to an audience with no prior knowledge.


• To present a revised or more elaborate value proposition in line with your market testing results

• To obtain feedback from coaches and peers on:

  • interpretation of market testing results,
  • implications for your business model (channels, pricing, growth path, …) and
  • market entry plan

• To obtain advice on next steps

Suggested steps

1. Each of the teams in your group presents its project, including updated previous content, but now with additional content and focus on: market testing results, revised business model (channels, pricing, growth path) and market entry plan (up to 20 minutes).

2. After each presentation, the two coaches and your peers ask questions and make comments (up to 25 minutes)

3. The coaches give each team personalised instructions and explanations on next steps to take in Stage 4

You can download and use the Workshop 3 Presentation Template as a guide to get started, although you do not have to follow it rigidly.

You are strongly encouraged to use your own graphics and design for the presentation, to reflect your venture’s identity and goals, rather than the Imperial College graphic layout. Props and prototypes are also useful to demonstrate your business idea.