Workshop 4

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Workshop 4

What's this for?

This is the final presentation for your project, in which you present your overall business case, which:

• may be a business plan, in the case of a start-up or corporate venture,

• or may be a report explaining the insights which have lead to a negative business case.

In the case of a positive business case, you should structure this presentation as much as possible like a real investor pitch.

For a negative or conditional business case, your talk will look more like a consulting presentation.


• To present and receive feedback on your Roadmap, Financials, and final overall Business Case

Suggested steps

1. Each of the teams in your group presents its overall Business Case, including updates to previous content plus Roadmap and Financials (up to 20 minutes).

2. After each presentation, the assesors and your peers ask questions and offer comments (up to 25 minutes).

3. Time permitting, advice may be given on next steps if the team intends to continue and start the business.

You can download and use the Workshop 4 Presentation Template as a guide or to get started, although you do not have to follow it rigidly.

At this final stage, you are especially encouraged to use your own graphics and layout to communicate the business identity, if you have not already done so in previous workshops. Props and prototypes are also useful presentation aids.